Book helps correct historical errors around Jihad of Dan Fodio — Emir of Zazzau

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The Emir of Zazzau, Ahmed Bamalli, has praised the Nigerian version of The Sokoto Caliphate authored by Murray Previous and revealed by Quality Situations Books, indicating the guide will help accurate some glitches by past writers. For remaining arguably the very first reserve published on Sokoto Caliphate by a scholar […]

The Emir of Zazzau, Ahmed Bamalli, has praised the Nigerian version of The Sokoto Caliphate authored by Murray Previous and revealed by Quality Situations Books, indicating the guide will help accurate some glitches by past writers.

For remaining arguably the very first reserve published on Sokoto Caliphate by a scholar “whose sources are mostly published Arabic manuscripts,” Mr Bamalli reported at the guide start in Abuja Tuesday that it represents an “essential milestone in the inquiry into the history of nineteenth-century Hausaland.”

Quoting Thomas Hodgkin, the emir noted that the historic account supplied in the book “supersedes all that was created on the matter and it corrects countless problems and misinterpretations of former writers.”

He even further explained that some of these “uninformed” account included referring to the Jihad that enthroned the Caliphate — which covered a significant swathe of current-working day West Africa — as ‘Fulani Jihad’ or ‘Fulani War.’

“This has a lot of consequences amongst which is that it gave the Jihad an ethnic colouration divested from the educational and reformatory goal of Shehu Dan Fodio.

“It has also served to produce Fulani phobia which is even more accentuated by the prevailing security problems at present professional in the place. Consequently one particular hears of terms this kind of as ‘Fulanization Agender’ and it is not complicated to have an understanding of that the foundation of this phobia was partly laid by the misnomer of calling the jihad of Shaykh Dan Fodio, the ‘Fulani Jihad.’”

Initial released 54 a long time ago by Longmans, Eco-friendly Co in 1967, The Sokoto Caliphate is the solution of groundbreaking investigation which experienced Professor Murray Previous, even though he was a PhD scholar at the University of Ibadan, discover Arabic, live between the descendants of the caliphate and journey across territories formerly less than the Caliphate.

He took a historic dive into the 19th-century emirate which progressed out of the jihad led by Uthman dan Fodio, a 19th-century Islamic cleric. It exhumed and assembled manuscripts, letters and pamphlets, lots of of which have been written in Arabic and its transliteration and scattered all more than.

Just before the invasion by the Europeans, in particular the British and French, the empire had a east-west achieve extending from current-working day Cameroon into Burkina Faso, and a north-south extend from Agadez to Ilorin.

Read the Emir of Zazzau’s comprehensive speech underneath:


A remark produced by his Royal Highness, Ambassador Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli, the Emir of Zazzau on the celebration of general public presentation of “The Sokoto Caliphate” (The Nigerian Version)

This book is one of the priceless operates written on the history of the Sokoto Caliphate. It is most likely the to start with ebook composed on this matter subject by a scholar whose resources are predominantly prepared Arabic manuscripts. It can consequently be reported to characterize an critical milestone in the inquiry into the history of nineteenth-century Hausaland,. specifically the Jihad of Shaykh Usman Dan Fodio and the institution of the Sokoto Caliphate.

The e-book is divided into three parts: the advancement of the Muslim Community and the training course of the jihad the background of the nineteenth-century Caliphs, concentrating on their actions inside of metropolitan Sokoto and a study of the Vizierate, the office of 2nd optimum rank in the Caliphate. This function is distinguished by Dr. Murray Last’s heavy reliance on created Arabic resources and the truth that in the words and phrases of Hodgkin: “it supersedes all that was composed on the issue and it corrects innumerable glitches and misinterpretations of prior writers”. A critical looking through of this book reveals really a range of significant points which are quite essential to the discourse on the relevance of the background of the Sokoto Caliphate to current working day Nigeria. These are:

I. Contrary to the angle of some western and afterwards Nigerian writers, Murray Previous in no way termed the Jihad that birthed the Sokoto Caliphate a ‘Fulani Jihad’. This is for the reason that as he spelled out, the jihad was basically the jihad of Shaykh Usman Dan Fodio. From the time this e book was created till day, it has grow to be commonplace amongst scholars and the uninformed to refer to the Jihad as ‘Fulani Jihad’ or ‘Fulani War’. This has numerous consequences among which is that it gave the Jihad an ethnic coloration divested from the educational and reformatory aim of Shehu Dan Fodio. It has also served to develop Fulani phobia which is additional accentuated by the prevailing safety difficulties at the moment skilled in the place. Thus one hears of terms these as ‘Fulanization Agender’ and it is not hard to comprehend that the foundation of this phobia was partly laid by the misnomer of contacting the jihad of Shaykh Dan Fodio, the ‘Fulani Jihad’.

II. Contrary to the competition that the Jihad was a course wrestle, or: that it was waged for tribal, economic or political causes, this e-book supports the argument that the Jihad was primarily an mental movement. The e book reveals that Shehu Danfodio preoccupied himself with teaching and preaching, moving from just one position to another. He invested several a long time travelling, educating, preaching, changing and composing along with his growing group of disciples. The shaykh we are advised taught tirelessly, admonishing versus oppression, extortion from the lousy, robbing of markets or mosques between other vices. This therefore assisted immensely to get educated people who later on aided in the operating of the administration of the Caliphate.


Aspect of the mental legacy still left by the Jihadist was the development of Historiography. The Jihad leaders wrote extensively on selection of topics, which includes Heritage. This is evidenced in the fact the creator relied on mainly created resources authored by the Shehu these types of as kitab al-farq, wathiqat ahl sudan and ihyau sunnah Sheikh Abdullahi Gwandu who wrote Tazyin waragat and tanbih al-ikhwan Sheikh Muhammad Bello who wrote infaq al maysur which according to Murray Final is the most specific and factual account of the jihad. The triumvirate usually wrote numerous literatures consisting of poetry, prose, fiction, real tale, parables, as properly as the issues that pertain to religion, Condition, Drugs, Arithmetic, Astronomy and Geography.

III. Opposite to the writings of some western scholars, the history of Sub-Saharan Africa in the pre-colonial interval are not only accounts of conflicts and wars, which had virtually nothing at all to add to the modern working day. The Sokoto Caliphate bequeathed an enduring legacy of the use of dialogue and application of mental debate in resolving intra and inter-Point out conflict. This is a praiseworthy historical precedent deserving commendation and emulation even by the civilized nations of right now.

This African Islamic diplomatic history is typified in the discourse of the triumvirate founding students of the Sokoto Caliphate Shehu Dan. fodio, his brother Abdullahi and son, Muhammad Bello. The variations in their suggestions and policies display not only a energetic mental discourse and debate but also the dynamism and responsiveness of the Sokoto management to the issues of governing a new multicultural point out. The difference of belief amongst Abdullahi and Bello for instance on the ransoming of war prisoners held by Sokoto forces is an example of the function of intellectual dialogue in the formulation of Authorities guidelines. The risk of African states to solve their inter-condition differences through dialogue and recourse to mental discourse is exemplified by the dialogue that took position amongst the Sokoto and the Borno Caliphates. This dialogue provides us with a window by which to examine the adaptability and responsiveness of Sokoto Caliphate to issues these types of as religious tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

The subsequent are the salient lessons to be learnt from the historical past of the Sokoto Caliphate:

i. Dedication to education is the key to reforming the culture

ii. Inter and intra Condition conflicts can and ought to be solved as a result of continuous Dialogue

By and substantial, person is supposed to understand from heritage in buy to via past occasions, recognize and offer remedies to troubles: and issues of the existing. We should accept that the foreseeable future of this state is dependent on our collective potential at reformation. Reformation on the other hand can not be recognized with out mass training. We have to consequently make concerted energy at educating our teeming populace as no significant advancement can just take spot in an atmosphere pervaded by ignorance and iniquity. Our academic program will have to also be reformed to cater for the requirements of the 21st century world wide neighborhood. To do this, our governments at all ranges will have to reveal enough political will to reforming the educational sector.

Quality Situations Textbooks launches ‘The Sokoto Caliphate’ (Dwell UPDATES)

In addition, we ought to, irrespective of our spiritual inclinations, tribal leanings and political affiliations go on to interact ourselves in progressive and significant dialogue. This is the panacea to the myriads of difficulties confronting us as a men and women. We will have to continue on to make attempts to understand and tolerate our dissimilarities as perfectly as advance our personal and collective aspirations by tranquil dialogue. Absolutely nothing else can salvage our dear country. A property developed issue demands a dwelling developed solution. The difficulties of Nigeria can only be solved by Nigerians. We need to keep on to think-through and proffer options to our challenges by ourselves as exemplified by the Sokoto Caliphate. This is a duty we owe ourselves and our generations nevertheless unborn.

In summary, this guide by motive of its prosperous content which has been adjudged to be goal and historical, is an indispensable software to students and pupils in this subject of research. It is also a e book to be browse by any one intrigued in knowledge the background of the Jihad of Shehu Dan Fodio and the Sokoto Caliphate. I consequently commend Quality Occasions Textbooks for publishing for the initial time this Nigerian Edition of the Reserve. I urge them not to rest on their oars in this onerous but gratifying endeavor of “bringing dwelling textbooks revealed about Nigeria elsewhere”. I would like you all fruitful deliberations.

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